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  Our high performance roadside mowing tractors have high strength steel cutters to last long and keep a sharp edge.    
  We understand the importance of having a multi-use tractor that meets all of your high demand needs.    
  Professional looking turf is dependent upon the quality equipment and John Deere lives up to its name.    
  John Deere tractors are equipped with PowerTech engines that provide fast throttling response and outstanding fuel economy.    

Governmental and Institutional Turf Care

Finch Turf can meet the most demanding governmental or institutional turf care requirements. Roadside mowing, grounds maintenance or material handling, we can fit you with the right piece of equipment with brands like John Deere, Stihl, Toro, Diamond, Honda and Echo.

We have solutions for State and local municipalities, Cooperative Purchasing and Non-Governmental Organizations

Low cost and low risk alternative purchasing plans specifically designed for state, local and governmental agencies.

Municipal leasing allows immediate ownership while spreading cost over one to five years. This allows ownership with a lower yearly budget and positions the municipality for times when the funds are not allocated. Operating leasing is also available for either 24 or 36 months.
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